Online Shops and E-Business Audits

With 20 years experience of international and local E-Business projects, I get many questions on how to profitably sell more online. On this page I will summarize my learnings and publish news related to online shops.

Thomas Toernell

Since I run several online shops, I try to be very concrete and my aim is to help you as responsible for an online shop to find practical solutions to current issues.

This page is written in English, but it is no problem to send comments in German.

If you have any questions, or need individual help with your shop, please reach out for a quote. Currently I am offering these service packages:

Online Shop Audit:
Content: Detailed check of your online shop and the sales and marketing processes. Report with practical improvement suggestions and implementation support.
Target: To increase sales and productivity.
Cost: From 1,900 CHF per audit

Google Adwords Audit:
Content: Detailed check if your Google Adwords campaigns. Report with practical improvement suggestions and implementation support.
Target: To increase ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).
Cost: From 1,400 CHF per audit

Website Staging:
There are currently many companies which are for sale in Switzerland. Currently, with all the rapid changes, many company owners are hesitant to make big investments or change strategy. Instead they look for a buyer of their company. If the company website looks nice and current, it is easier to find a buyer, and the selling price is impacted positively.
Target: With a small investment make the website look great, and offer valuable content in several languages.
Cost: From 1,900 CHF per web site.

Thomas Toernell


Curriculum Vitae:

Education: Stockholm School of Economics

Work Experience: Henkel, Mercedes Benz, Hilti, and

Languages: English, German, and Swedish

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Tel: 081 756 0155
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Geschäftsführer: Thomas Toernell, Dr. Daniel Blücher
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The offering is only valid for customers in Switzerland.