Get notifications if your website is down

It is critical to know when your online shop is not working. The tool we use is LiveWatch, and it works very well.

If we get a message that the website is down, we first pause our online marketing campaigns (email marketing, Google Adwords etc) and inform customer service.

Then we try to find out if we caused the problem – and if we can do anything to fix it. Does the problem occur only for our online shop, or is all of the hosting company affected? If it was us, we try to fix it asap. Otherwise it is only to wait.

Regularly check the uptime statistics of the online shop. If, over a longer period of time, the uptime is less than 99.8% (almost 1.5 hours per month), and you are not causing the downtime, change hosting. It is very annoying with a not working online shop, and it also causes problem with Google Shopping.

If your server is down, Google Shopping will temporarily remove some of your products from the listing. If it happens a lot, I think you will get a lower quality score at Google. So make sure that your website is up and running all the time.


When your online shop is working again, you get a new message from LiveWatch, and now you can turn on your marketing campaigns again.

99.94% uptime last 12 months is great.
99.94% uptime since the start is great.


– Thomas Toernell

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