Amazon will change the B2B purchases in Switzerland very soon

Is this the case with your current supplier: Minimum order: 1’000 CHF, Delivery time: 4-8 weeks ?  Well, this will change very quickly thanks to Amazon.

Many times I just shake my head when I see what some suppliers allow themselves. Do they really try to avoid sales?

  • Minimum order volume
  • Small order fees
  • Expensive shipping fees
  • Long delivery times
  • 5 days after the order placement you find out some of the items are not deliverable (at the order moment, you have no clue about the quantity in stock or even the price)
  • You have to fill out forms to make the purchase
  • etc
Many times the general terms are full of customer unfriendly statements.

Well, this will change very soon, both for direct and indirect materials. When you as a purchaser in a small or medium sized company get used to as soon as one product is sold, you can order a new one, it will be hard to change. It is also very easy to automise. Like the book stores, when you buy a book, they scan it, and a order is placed, so that sold book can be replaced in a couple of days.

One of the main drivers for this development will be Amazon, mainly through services called Amazon Business and AmazonSupply. Without increasing prices for small orders, they can deliver what companies need, relatively fast, and reliable.

Facts about Amazon

Very soon, also Swiss companies will get used to more convenient purchasing. And the suppliers have to get used to it as well.

– Thomas Toernell,

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