If you call this number a random person in Sweden will answer your questions

If you call a number in Sweden, normal people that signed up for it on an app, will answer your questions about tourist destinations and travelling in Sweden.

It is the Swedish Tourist Association that launched this service called ”The Swedish number” in April 2016:

  1. Call +46 771 793336
  2. Wait to get connected to a random Swede that signed up for answering these calls
  3. Ask a travelling related question
  4. Be prepared to receive a very personal answer, depending on the location of the person, and own experiences.
The Swedish Number: A unique project.

Of course, I have tested the number, and it worked very well. I was recommended by a guy called Janne to walk “Kungsleden“.

With this fresh and simple project, I am certain that the Swedish Tourist Association will receive a lot of positive reaction and awareness worldwide.

Thomas Toernell, thomas@toernell.com


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