The 3 Myths about Online Shops in Switzerland

Everywhere you get bombarded with articles that Swiss retailers are dead if the do not offer the cheapest products, deliver the same day, and always fulfil customer wishes. Amazon is very successful in Switzerland, and still offer quite average services...

Myth #1: If you as a Swiss retailer does not offer same day delivery, you are out of business.
Fact: On average, a delivery from Amazon (or Zalando) takes about 10 days to reach your address in Switzerland.

Myth #2: If you do not have a customer centric approach, you are out of business.
Fact: Did you ever try to ask Amazon a product question, or give a public feedback on the delivery? Do not try, they do not allow it anyway…

Myth #3: If you do not offer free shipping, free returns and the cheapest products, you are out of business.
Fact: A return from Switzerland to Amazon’s return address in Germany costs about 40 CHF (plus about half an hour administration), refunded is 8.40 EUR (if you have a good reason for the return).

So, please relate to reality if you are a Swiss retailer, before you go crazy with no-cost-deliveries with taxis/Uber within 30 minutes. Instead, take care of your customers’ needs and provide excellent personal service!


– Thomas Toernell,