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1910-39 Pionjärtiden | 1939-45 Beredskapstiden | 1945-91 Kalla krigets tid | 1991- Tiden för fredlig samverkan



Despite being an integrated part of the Swedish military defense, not much has been written about air observation and surveillance. I have been active in the Swedish Airforce since many years and have always had a deep interest in the ground observation. In the book "Spaning mot skyn" the history of the Swedish ground observation is documented: Personal experiences are presented together with information from literature studies and interviews done in the last years. In order to get the complete picture, several parts of the book also involve Great Britain, United States, Germany and the Netherlands. So far, the book is only available in the Swedish language.  
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1910-39 Pionjärtiden ] 1939-45 Beredskapstiden ] 1945-91 Kalla krigets tid ] 1991- Tiden för fredlig samverkan ]

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